Are you in need of efficient administrative resources ?

The Back Office offers a full range of business administration services and Personal Assistance to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other small/medium-sized enterprises who do not have the resources in-house

What we do

Executive Assistant, Board Secretary, Management Support, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Virtual Assistant……

The titles are many, but the assignments have the same turning point; it is all about relieving you and your valuable team members of the administrative burden, take responsibility and be creative and proactive in cooperation with your company and your employees.

It is all about knowledgeable support from internationally experienced service partners with a profound understanding of your industry and needs, offering a high degree of empathy, motivation, and focus on high-quality deliverables.

It is also about being flexible, fast and to the point, engaging in new assignments and administrative challenges by leaning on knowledge and experience gained from similar tasks with other clients enabling us to provide an optimal service – every time


Executive and board assistance

Making the ends meet when it comes to planning for many stakeholders: Doodles, invites, board calendar, shareholder briefings and notices. We take the vital minutes during meetings, make travel bookings, dinner arrangements and much more


Recruitment process, onboarding, offboarding, maintaining HR archives such as organograms, phone lists, employee files, and absence registration; staff and department meetings, 1:1 with managers, work place assessments (APV), NemId, liason with company lawyer

Data room and document archiving

Maintaining your desired filing structure and a data room ready for inspection is essential. We support by handling systems already in place and storing the right file at the right location

How we can help you and your company

Do you have an ever-increasing load of administrative tasks but no one to take care of them?

Many businesses experience periods where the number of administrative tasks is not enough to occupy an in-house employee, or they lack resources or competencies for a specific task.

The solution could be The Back Office.

What our clients say about us

“Dorte is the key to an efficient workday where many tasks – big and small – are solved with great professionalism and overview. IO Biotech highly recommends Dorte for any administrative task”

Mai-Britt Zocca, CEO - IO Biotech

“The Back Office has supported our startups at COBIS for the last 7 years, and always with professionalism, consistency and a great big smile. It is of great value to us to have such a strong partner in-house to support the growth of our life science startups

Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO - COBIS