From travel management to executive board assistance –  the services are many:

It is all about freeing up you and your staff’s resources allowing you to focus on what makes most value to your business.

We strive to gain an understanding of the culture of your organisation to be able to engage in a collaboration built on a high degree of loyalty, trust, and motivation.

Our proven track record of providing an instrumental support by analysing our clients’ needs, enables high-quality deliverables from the very start.

Executive & Board Assistance

Making the ends meet when it comes to planning for many stakeholders: Doodles, invites, board calendar, shareholder briefings and notices. We take the vital minutes during meetings, make travel bookings, dinner arrangements and much more

Data room and document archiving

Maintaining your desired filing structure and a data room ready for inspection is essential. We support by handling systems already in place and storing the right file at the right location


Recruitment process, onboarding, offboarding, maintaining HR archives such as organograms, phone lists, employee files, and absence registration; staff and department meetings, 1:1 with managers, work place assessments (APV), NemId, liason with company lawyer

Sales and marketing correspondence

Customer and collaboration partner letters, direct mailings, posts, newsletters,  campaigns with potential investors or other stakeholders

Word processing and document formatting

Word processing and document formatting to ensure consistency in branding, wording, content, headers, footers, styles, table of content and much more

Social events

Organising customer functions, internal team meetings, celebrations, and company events to name just a few

Translations and proofreading (DK/DE/UK)

Translations and proofreading of vital documents to ensure a professional and uniform appearance and image 

Updates and editing of websites

We can help create your new website in collaboration with your website developer when needed. And we help maintain and update the site once published

PowerPoint presentations and templates

Presentations that need a brush up to comply with you template design or creation of a PowerPoint template in cooperation with your graphic designer in-line with the company design guide

Calendar and meeting coordination

Calendar coordination of e.g. board meetings, internal/external meetings inhouse or offsite, ordering meeting supplies, booking the meeting room, preparing meeting material and taking minutes

Travel and event coordination

Arranging your travel schedule on your own can be very time consuming. Let us handle your itinerary, book flights and accommodation, secure meeting facilities abroad, and coordinate your participation in conferences and events

Finance and corporate support

We handle NemId and e-boks, prepare reimbursement forms, pay invoices in Netbank, coordinate with bookkeeper and accountants on financial documentation, annual report materials and more

,…and all the rest: purchasing, document scanning, data entry, archiving, copying, office maintenance

We act as your office manager and interact with all your suppliers when it comes to i.e. ordering office stationaries, furniture, IT equipment, meeting supplies, flowers or gifts for special occasions, and much more to keep your ‘house’ in order…