About us

The Back Office offers a complete range of business administration services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small & medium- sized enterprises who do not have the resources in-house. The philosophy behind our services is to act as an integrated part of your organisation as if we were an employee

The Back Office was established in 2008 and has since the beginning focussed on “filling the gap” for companies in need of administrative support, which have not yet have reached the point where a full-time resource can be justified.

We are specialised in servicing the biotech industry in its entrepreneurial and start-up phase all the way through to early commercialisation. Over the years, we have developed a profound understanding of the industry, the innovation environment, and the tasks and challenges that many start-ups are faced with.

Our services provide a plug and play approach where you will experience measurable results from the very early start of our relationship, materialising in your science, technical and administrative staff being freed up to focus on what they are hired to do – creating business results rather than being tied down in administrative routines.

We offer high-quality, affordable Executive Assistance, Management Support, Marketing Support and HR Assistance as well as more classical administrative services. The model is flexible and scalable to meet your immediate needs, as well as allows us to continue to support you as your business grows. Our business model is built on the pillars of personal engagement, high quality, on time delivery and a professional service level. 

Besides assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups with their administrative challenges, our client portfolio also counts well-established medium-sized companies within areas such as pharma, probiotics, consultancy, trading, IT, and manufacturing. Companies who due to lack of capacity in own employee base have a need for additional resources for specific projects, or just an extra pair of hands within the administrative area and therefore choose to outsource.

Curious on how The Back Office can help you and your company ?

Please send us an e-mail on info@thebackoffice.dk or use the contact form.